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At FindFAST Real Estate, LLC. we are one of the nations leading expert companies that can stop foreclosure and provide real estate solutions to homeowners!  We've worked with thousands of  homeowners and agents that find themselves with property issues and need professional help in resolving those issues.  Our goal is to help homeowners achieve their current real estate needs.  We explore all available options from loan modifications to selling their properties.  Together, we can find the ideal solution for all parties involved..

If you are in foreclosure now, or about to go into foreclosure, CLICK HERE here to get our free report on how to Stop Foreclosure in 48 hours or less!  We can help QUICKLY whether we negotiate a loan modification or work with you to save your home and/or credit.  We work with speed and GET RESULTS and relieve you of these property matters, FAST!!

We do not charge any up-front costsWe do not get paid until we are successful in either getting your loan modification finalized or, if necessary, until we complete a short sale.  For nearly all our services we pull our compensation from the lenders and our fees cannot be transferred to you by anyone, ever!

Knowing the real estate market nationally, we current of where the market is going in real estate, when to buy, when to sell and when to hold properties. Determining if particular areas are in down markets, stabilized or up markets is one of the keys to ensure we make the correct business decisions how to manage our portfolio of properties and get the results our homeowners need for their particular position.

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We currently have properties available nationwide.  Contact us at (650) 368-2705 for more details and be the first to know by receiving our free reports just by clicking here!


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